Health & Safety, Quality and Environment

Since quality and safety are one of the values that define the identity of our organisation, it goes without saying that we consider them of paramount importance. Moreover, we attach great importance to a healthy environment for each of us.

Health & Safety

Accidents happen very quickly, that is why safety is our number one priority. By providing more training than required by law and maximizing awareness among our employees, we go the extra mile in safeguarding the safety and health of our employees and in turn our client’s employees and subcontractors.

VCA Certification

Imtech Belgium holds a VCA** certification. In addition, our Business Unit "Industrial Solutions" is partially VCA Petrochemical certified. We hold all appropriate safety certificates and obtain supplementary certification for specific projects. All our employees constantly benefit from safety training and coaching. We screen our subcontractors and suppliers for safety and safe working practices.

Personal protective equipment

We provide the right personal protective equipment every time for every job. Moreover, all workwear meets the strictest quality standards and are comfortable to wear.

Safety instructions and LMRA

We pursue a proactive safety policy based on prevention. Before they begin, our employees are given extra safety instructions relating to the work they are to carry out. We conduct a last-minute risk analysis (LMRA) with an inspection of the surrounding area. We create a safe and healthy workplace for our own people and all other employees on site.


We are proud of our reputation for the highest quality. Each employee is committed to excellence and our quality coordinators strive for continuous improvement in everything we do within each department.

ISO 9001 quality standard

We have developed quality procedures for all our services and are ISO 9001 certified. We run systematic checks of our processes and adapt them immediately where necessary.

Certificates & recognition

We hold all certificates and recognitions needed to fulfil our contracts successfully. Imtech Belgium is a registered and licensed contractor in class 6 (S1, P3) and in class 8 (S2, S4, P1, P2, D16, D17, D18).

Expertise & knowledge management

We invest in training and development for all our employees. We share best practices. Every employee at Imtech Belgium is an expert.


We give meaning to our mission ‘Transforming the future as the fastest builder by focussing on innovation to create smart, energy-efficient, and low-carbon solutions’. We train our employees to work in an environmentally conscious way. We make special efforts in the areas of green technology, carbon footprint and social commitment.

ISO 14001 certification

Our Business Unit "Imtech Industry" has an ISO 14001 certification for environmental management. We actively work to reduce our energy consumption and our waste flows, and optimise our water consumption.

Wondering how we contribute to a more sustainable society?

Read our Sustainability Report



Are you not satisfied with our service or performance? Please report it directly to our quality department via complaints@imtech.be