Intelligent Energy Management - optimize your energy flows

In times when energy prices are volatile and often reach unprecedented heights, it is more important than ever to manage your energy consumption wisely. Locally generated green electricity is a first step in the right direction. However, if your energy production is not optimally aligned with your storage and consumption, you will not gain enough benefits from these investments.

Imtech takes care of everything for you and, if desired, also coordinates the delivery and installation of one or more energy components such as charging stations, solar panels, and batteries. We ensure a seamless integration of the different components and ensure that everything is perfectly aligned. This means that you have one point of contact for the purchase, study, installation, and commissioning of the entire concept. By combining this product knowledge with our experience in optimizing energy flows, you immediately have an installation that is set up to achieve its full potential.


Get insights into your building(s) and the behavior of the occupants.


Find the optimal balance between energy production, consumption, and storage.

Green energy

Optimize your own (green) energy supply.


Easy installation.


Extremely flexible and scalable.

But even if you don't generate your own green energy, Imtech can help you maximize your efforts. By using data, advanced monitoring and control analysis, Imtech can exponentially increase the energy efficiency of your building by mapping and adjusting your energy flows based on energy needs and reducing your costs.

ImSight – your energy flows ‘in sight’

Our in-house developed and patented energy control and measurement system 'ImSight' captures energy flows and provides full automatic integration, monitoring, optimization, and control of all your energy assets through rules and predictions.

By using rule-based control algorithms and/or artificial intelligence, ImSight can apply intelligent energy management, locally or across multiple buildings and business sites. The ImSight management system dynamically takes into account various and complex factors.

With ImSight, we can determine in detail what energy supply your meeting room, office building or entire site needs, and thus optimize your energy consumption. All data from the underlying installations is also collected to optimize their control. At the same time, the data can also be used for new applications. All savings we can achieve for you by flexibly controlling different assets are displayed in a clear dashboard. Because Imtech has developed the system itself, we have all the expertise in-house to implement it in any environment and make adjustments where necessary.

The ImSight energy control and measurement system reads data from various consumers such as solar panels, charging stations, batteries, HVAC controllers, electrolyzers, lighting, gas meters, water meters, etc. The system controls energy devices such as charging stations or batteries based on setpoints. The hybrid interface solution, which combines hardware with software, provides an extremely flexible and scalable system. The ImSight PLC is an essential hardware component for data communication between the system and the various energy devices. Communication is done via open communication protocols, where an API provides bidirectional communication between the ImSight PLC and an external energy management system.

With our ImSight solution, we can quickly get started with your project. Imtech makes optimal use of your existing infrastructure. All you need to do is provide power and network cables. Imtech will then provide the necessary measuring equipment and installation of the hardware box and set the set-points according to your needs. ImSight then does the rest by interpreting the data and writing rules and protocols.

No project is too big or too small, contact us and together we will explore how you can benefit from the ImSight Platform. Thanks to our regular training courses, you can be sure that our in-house technicians are always up to date with the latest techniques and technologies.

In addition to our intelligent building and energy management solutions, we also offer several complementary applications that also guarantee lower energy bills. These include the installation of solar panels, electrolysers, batteries and building management systems.

Building Management - keeping your assets and controls under control

A building management system enables you to manage your building(s), whether it's an office, factory, hospital or school, in the most efficient way possible. It regulates temperature, lighting, humidity and more, allowing you to save energy and money while also increasing the comfort and well-being of your employees or customers.