Process Engineering

Process Engineering

Experts in Process Engineering

Imtech has an extended track record in process engineering for batch related production processes such as for the animal feed market.

Striving for the ultimate process solution

We take into account the latest market developments and technologies to draw up an optimal process design that fits your needs and requirements. In this process, we make sure to apply with current standards and regulations and keep reliability, safety and efficient maintenance as key goals when designing your ultimate process solution.

Why Imtech for Process Engineering?

In-house engineers and execution teams

We are not only experts in engineering, but also in execution. In addition to our highly trained engineers, we also have a large team of experienced in-house technicians and site supervisors who carry out the execution of your project and guarantee the continuous maintenance or ad hoc service of your installation and assets.

Focus on collaboration

We do not only work for you, we work with you. Our flat structure enables us to collaborate and think with you in the most efficient way during the entire duration of every project.


Every project is different, which is why we provide a fully customised approach tailored to your needs. Whether it is an extensive or limited installation, we approach each project from our customer's point of view, always with a clear focus on quality and efficiency.

24/7 automation support

Our team of highly trained staff is available to you day and night, 7 days a week, to provide automation support.


There is always a multi-technical expert nearby


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