Smart Buildings

Building Management - keeping your assets and controls under control

A building management system enables you to manage your building(s), whether it's an office, factory, hospital or school, in the most efficient way possible. It regulates temperature, lighting, humidity and more, allowing you to save energy and money while also increasing the comfort and well-being of your employees or customers.

Imtech is a multi-disciplinary system integrator specialized in designing, developing, and implementing building management systems. We work with strong and reputable partners such as Johnson Controls, Siemens, Priva, and Schneider.

As an independent service provider, we can offer a complete solution for your building management system tailored to your specific needs and desires. Our years of experience, professional approach, and extensive knowledge of the industry enable us to handle projects of any size and complexity, from programming and implementation to commissioning, monitoring, and service.

Do you also want to optimize your energy consumption in addition to efficient building management? With ImSight, you can keep your energy flows 'In Sight' and transparent to maximize the alignment of your energy production, storage, and consumption.

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Intelligent energy management - optimize your energy flows

In times when energy prices are volatile and often reach unprecedented heights, it is more important than ever to manage your energy consumption wisely. Locally generated green electricity is a first step in the right direction. However, if your energy production is not optimally aligned with your storage and consumption, you will not gain enough benefits from these investments.