Experts in electrotechnical projects

From low to medium voltage, we are true experts in electrotechnical projects.

Powering your business goals

It goes without saying that no organisation can do without electricity. Nevertheless, the way you light, automate or secure your company has a huge impact on your business operations and, consequently, on your results.

Calling on our expertise means that you can do this in the most efficient way, not only in terms of cost, but also comfort.

Wide expertise, numerous applications

  • Renewable energy
  • Sustainable power sources (CHP, cogeneration, solar panels, ...)
  • Switch & distribution boards
  • Medium¬†voltage
  • Grid connection of decentral production
  • Cabling, cable works and fire-resistant seals
  • Emergency power supply (generators, no-break installations)
  • Lighting and emergency lighting
  • Control Devices and terminal units
  • Fire Monitoring Systems
  • Multimedia
  • Care call system
  • Immotics, home automation and KNX installations
  • ICT & data storage
  • Communication systems
  • Access & security management

Why Imtech for Electricity?


Every project is different, which is why we provide a fully customised approach tailored to your needs. Whether it is an extensive or limited installation, we approach each project from our customer's point of view, always with a clear focus on quality and efficiency.

Integrated project approach

Our integrated project approach is crucial to obtain involvement of all participants and efficiency in execution. For each project, both our own teams and those of our partners and customers, work closely together, striving for the best outcome for your project. 

In-house expertise

We try to rely as little as possible on external partners, and count on our own well-trained staff at every stage of the project. From our engineers and modelers during the design phase to our qualified technicians and mechanics during the execution, we have all the expertise in house.

Maintenance & support

Our maintenance and 24/7 support team is available to support you with any malfunctions or interruptions that may occur  ensuring the optimal operation of all your technical installations.

In-house switchboards production

Our in-house panel building team allows for short execution times and added flexibility and thus a smooth execution of your project.

Looking for other solutions?

Looking for other solutions?

For who?

  • Office buildings
  • Public buildings
  • Industrial buildings
  • Healthcare (hospitals & laboratories)
  • Commercial buildings
  • Logistics
  • Education
  • Data centers
  • Entertainment


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