Primary low-voltage distribution for thermal processing plant of Indaver

Low voltage distribution DTO1

The low-voltage distribution system at the Antwerp site of Indaver, one of Europe's biggest players in recycling and industrial waste treatment, is in need of renewal. This will be done in several phases, with the decision taken to start with the one that has been in service the longest, that of the DTO1 plant. DTO1 is one of three rotary kilns on the site for the thermal processing of industrial waste.

Indaver commissioned Imtech to replace the primary low-voltage distribution of the rotary kiln. A new shunting board, a new control board and six new RIO-panels were installed. In addition, as many as 52 users were switched and connected to the new MCC (Motor Control Center) panel. Imtech also took care of disconnecting and removing the old panel. Both our Building Technics, and Industrial Solutions departments collaborated on this project.

Imtech is proud to have successfully completed this project. We would like to thank Indaver for its trust and our partner P&V Panels for supplying the MCC.

Project properties

Project name
Low voltage distribution DTO1
Building Technics, Industrial Solutions
01/2022 – 11/2022