E&I works at Sanofi in Geel

Imtech Industrial Solutions is carrying out works on the production site of Sanofi in Geel. The pharmaceutical manufacturer is starting a new production line for the production of a new biological medicine used for the treatment of hemophilia. The medicine, a protein, will be produced by living cells in three new large bioreactors. Imtech Industrial Solutions is responsible for the entire E&I part of this project, providing a staggering 13,500 input/output signals.

Scope Imtech:

  • E&I
  • 2 chillers
  • 2 new HVAC units
  • 5 new bioreactors
  • 6 new CIP skids (Cleaning-in-place)
  • 3 new chromatographic skids
  • Centrifuge skid
  • 4 new buffer tanks

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