Elektrotechniek Van Hecke joins Cordeel group

Ghent - 09/12/2021: Today, Elektrotechniek Van Hecke of Evergem announced its collaboration with Imtech Belgium, a multi-technical installation company belonging to the Belgian construction group Cordeel. The entire team of Elektrotechniek Van Hecke will remain on board.

Strong partner in the energy transition
Elektrotechniek Van Hecke (EVH) has been providing electrotechnical installations for industry and SMEs in the North Sea Port, the area around Ghent-Zeehaven and Terneuzen, since 1993. The challenges in the current market prompted a new collaboration: "The electrification of the fleet and the irreversible greening of the industry prompted EVH to look for a strong partner to conclude an alliance and ensure its future growth," says Peter Van Hecke, CEO of EVH. "In doing so, EVH is particularly committed to expanding its team of highly skilled technicians and was looking for a reliable partner to help realize this."

The entire EVH-team remains on board
Last week an agreement was reached whereby Imtech Belgium, part of the Cordeel Group, took over the shares of EVH. During this acquisition it was decided that the entire EVH-team with approximately 40 employees would remain on board. Peter Van Hecke was appointed Managing Director and CEO and sees great opportunities: "We are convinced that we can make an enormous quantum leap under the wings of the Cordeel Group, which we would never have been able to achieve on our own. We are extremely complementary. The support in R&D and in various facilities of the Cordeel Group, such as Legal and IT,  will ensure that we will be able realize our customers' great challenges with confidence."
Erik Groes, CEO of Imtech Belgium is also very excited about the partnership: "The area around Ghent-Zeehaven was a blind spot for us. With the strong technical team of EVH, Cordeel Group will be able to spread its wings here and offer a total solution to a strongly growing industrial region."

About EVH
Elektrotechniek Van Hecke in Evergem was founded in 1993 and takes care of the design, assembly and maintenance of industrial electrical installations and construction of electrical cabinets in the North Sea Port, the area around Ghent-Zeehaven and Terneuzen.
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