Completion service building Kallosluis, Port of Antwerp-Bruges

Imtech recently commissioned a project on the service building at the Kallosluis, part of Port of Antwerp-Bruges. The existing primary fuel-oil heat generation installation was replaced by a redundant CO2-neutral system.

The new primary heating system, designed by Imtech, consists of two heat pumps (air/water) on a low heating regime (45°C/40°C) in the mid-season, linked to three booster heat pumps installed indoors. These heat the low operating regime to a high operating regime (75°C/65°) in the winter period. This results in a total heating capacity of no less than 560 kW.

Imtech realised the entire project, from study to maintenance. The work included the demolition of the primary heating installation, the installation and connection of the heat pumps & booster pumps, the renewal of the primary control, the construction of the new technical installation and the installation of two new electrical boards, electrical cabling and two new circuit breakers in the existing ALSB board. To further optimise the energy efficiency and continue monitoring and fine-tuning the installation into the future, all necessary components and programming for energy monitoring were also provided. Imtech will be responsible for maintenance for the next two years.

The new heat generation installation will reduce CO2 emissions by 170 tonnes per year and achieves a calculated energy reduction of no less than 50% (reference year 2019). In addition to the purchase of 100% green power, solar panels were installed and a hydro turbine in the lock will provide additional power of its own.

Thanks to these efforts, the service building is the first climate-neutral building to undergo this transition within the Port of Antwerp-Bruges 'fit for 55' objective, marking an important step for Port of Antwerp-Bruges in their ambition to make almost all buildings virtually climate-neutral by 2030.

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